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Our Process

Step Two: Evaluate

With the information from Step One, we are ready to conduct an in-depth analysis of your financial status. Our goal in this step is to identify problem areas to address and opportunities to pursue by:

  • Analyzing the records and documents you provide and organizing the information according to our eight Financial Advisory Services (see below)
  • Looking at possible solutions to problem areas and identifying possible strategies that may help enable you to capitalize on potential opportunities
  • Determining what you can do to meet your goals, then formulating recommendations for each of our eight Financial Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services

Step Four: Implement

Plans tend to sit on shelves and be ignored. To us, completing the plan is only part of our responsibility to you. The goal in this fourth step is to set the process in motion by:

  • Coordinating the transfer of your assets
  • Building your portfolio by placing your funds in the appropriate investments

By completing this step you will have the confidence of knowing that your plan is in motion.

Step One: Discover

The more we understand about your financial situation, the better prepared we will be to provide the value added advice and service you deserve. Our goal in this firststep is to pull that relevant information together by:

  • Discussing your financial situation with you - clearly defining both your resources and your obligations
  • Working with you to define your personal and financial needs, priorities and goals
  • Determining your time frame for financial results and going over the implications with you
  • Listening carefully to better understand your values, expectations and feelings about financial risk
  • Good decision making is the key to financial success and good decisions come from having the right information. Values, needs, priorities, goals and expectations, these are all part of the equation when it comes to making good financial decisions.

Step Three: Design

We recognize the importance of organizing and developing financial recommendations in language that you can understand. Our goal in this third step is to prepare a plan that is useful to you by:

  • Constructing a well diversified investment portfolio and preparing recommendations based on our analysis in Step 2
  • Meeting with you to go over those recommendations so you can make informed decisions
  • Hearing your concerns and making revisions to your plan as needed

This process together with the previous steps ensures that the plan is organized, in language that is clear to you, and that it is what you expected. Again the goal is to avoid surprises.

Step Five: Monitor

We continually monitor your investments to maintain balance, efficiency, and consistency in your portfolio. Through our asset monitoring process, we:

  • Routinely check your portfolio against market and economic conditions to seek optimum performance potential.
  • Screen each of your securities and evaluate their performance relative to their asset class every quarter.
  • Advise adjustments to your portfolio mix when market conditions, your objectives, or the security screening process dictates a change.